Dina Van Diest


After finishing the Amsterdam DJ School Dina started off by making music at various network/business events and clubs throughout the Netherlands, but also in the international DJ scene she has began to make a name for herself. She has played in well known clubs at  Ibiza and Mallorca, in Greece, Poland and Slovakia, and further afield, in Dubai. For some time, this energetic new DJ has brought some great new vibes in the house music scene all around.

Having absorbed the essence of traditional genres, such as deep & techhouse, Dina has merged them into a melodious future house confection that is both fresh and timeless, and completely her own.

To witness one of Dina’s sets is an experience that blows you away, makes you lose yourself completely in her music, and connects you with the people around you. Mixing seamlessly she has created her very own sound and style, making her DJ sets truly unique and an experience you should not miss!

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